What Property Managers do for Property Owners

All the frequently asked questions about what property managers do for you.

    What does a property management company do for the owner?

  • Property registration, lead compliance, advertising, tenant background checks, property showings, lease signing, rent collection, maintenance as needed, court notice for judgements and warrant filing for evictions if necessary and collection initiated by our collection attorney.
  • What is the benefit to the owner of using a property management company?

  • Peace of mind to the owner that the property is taken care of.
  • As the owner, how much work is there for me?

  • The only work for you is to take your check to the bank.
  • Who pays for maintenance and repairs to my property?

  • We take care of all the maintenance and repairs as per your approval and charge your account.
  • How do you handle maintenance requests?

  • We generate work orders describing what work is needed and e-mail it to the appropriate contractor. Any small issues the property manager will take care off.
  • How do you handle after-hours and weekend problems?

  • We provide an emergency phone number to each tenant. We are reachable 24-7
  • What does a property management company not do for the owner?

  • We do everything that is required to manage a property. Our staff is trained to handle at each property as if it were their own.
  • How do you handle rent increases and renewals?

  • We have state-of-the-art software that alerts us when rent increases are due. Our leases renew automatically for the same period as the time span of the original lease.
  • What do I have to do if an eviction is needed?

  • Nothing, that is our job, you don’t have to be involved.
  • What do I do if the tenant calls me?

  • You refer them to us. It is our policy that we do not give out the owners’ information.
  • How long does it take you to find a tenant?

  • Sometimes a property is re-rented before it becomes vacant.