Professional Management Services

Repairs and Maintenance

  • 24 hour live answering service and available contractors service for true emergencies to protect the property and provide service to the residents.
  • Frederick Realty utilizes the services of a wide variety of independent contractors to maintain and repair the properties.
    • This allows the flexibility of matching the right contractor to the size, scope and complexity of the work involved.
    • Competitive pricing is assured to save the owner’s money.
    • Clients save money because contractors offer lower pricing due to the large volume of work generated by the Frederick Realty organization.
    • Clients benefit from the superior service provided by contractors who appreciate the high volume of steady work generated by Frederick Realty.
    • Clients benefit from Frederick Realty’s policy of paying contractors fast. Contractors are motivated to provide superior service at competitive prices.
    • Independent contractors offer greater accountability to the owner for work performed and money spent.
  • Clients benefit from experience in supervision of workers, and solving problems as a result of Frederick Realty’s more than 90 years in the property management business.

Financial Reporting

  • Client statements are mailed from Frederick Realty on the last business day of each month to insure timely receipt and improve the owner’s cash flow.
  • Clear reporting shows each rental unit’s income and itemizes each expense line item.
  • Actual, original invoice for each charge is attached to the original statement, giving the owner clear, verifiable documentation of activity.
  • Proper accounting and handling of security deposits in accordance with Maryland Law saves owner time and hassle. Security Deposits are held by Frederick Realty for the owner in an insured institution in the State of Maryland.
  • Bank accounts are reconciled monthly.

Proper account procedures (checks and balances) are followed regarding the handling of receipts, payment of invoices, and signing of checks.