Property Management

Increase Asset Value

  • Our objective is to increase the value of the asset, whenever possible.
  • All of the services outlined herein ultimately affect the value of the property.
    A well managed property brings more money in the market place.

Peace of Mind

  • You have hired a family owned company, in business since 1916, so the money and property for which you are responsible is safe.
  • 24-hour live answering service and reputable contractors respond to emergencies creating fewer problems for the owner.
  • Challenging tenant situations handled professionally and with the owner’s long-term best interest in mind to relieve owners of stress and frustration.
  • Compliance with all lead paint laws, including risk reduction treatments required by Maryland Law and Disclosures required by Federal Law, to reduce the owner’s liability, avoid fines for non-compliance, and provide safe housing.


  • Frederick Realty will protect, to the greatest extent possible, the identity of the owner (if the owner so chooses).

Earn More Money

  • Professional leasing staff shows units evenings and weekends at the prospect’s convenience.
  • Applicants are thoroughly screened and qualified before being accepted.
  • Rents are collected timely for better cash flow.
  • Prompt legal action is taken for non-payment of rent to reduce owner’s losses.
  • Assurance that Market Rents are charged to maximize income while maintaining fairness with the tenant.
  • Rents raised annually as market conditions dictate to protect against inflation.

Save Money

  • Effective routine and preventative maintenance implemented to save money over the long run, and to preserve and enhance the value of the property.
  • Competitive contractors assure a good job at a fair price.

Better Decision Making

  • Experienced real estate professionals provide advice, counsel, experience, and market information to assist you in making sound business decisions.

Less Paper Work

  • Administrative staff maintains files and records to save owner’s space while important records are retained and organized
  • Accounting staff provides simple, easy to understand monthly statement with all supporting data needed to easily prepare tax returns and monitor operations.