Preparing to Rent Your Apartments

Frequently asked questions when preparing to rent your apartments.

    When can you start managing my properties?

  • Today
  • What reports will you send about my managed property?

  • You will receive a monthly statement reflecting all the income and all expenses inclusive of the original invoices from vendors, contractors, etc. There are many reports you can request, such as Work Orders, rent roll, expense reports, etc.
  • How long should the lease be?

  • All our leases are normally for the duration of one year, however, we can make them any length of time you wish.
  • How much rent should I charge for each property?

  • That depends on the location of the property. We run comps to assure that you will receive the proper rent for the location of the property.
  • How do you market my property?

  • When we are aware that a unit will become vacant it is listed on approximately 70 sites automatically.
  • Our property has multiple owners. Can you pay us separately?

  • Yes, absolutely.
  • Do I have to prepare the property for rent?

  • That would be our job.
  • How much security deposit is needed from tenants?

  • We charge each tenant a security deposit equivalent to one month rent.
  • Will I decide which prospective tenant is approved?

  • We decide and approve or decline. But if an owner wants to be involved that can be arranged
  • How do I know the tenant is going to take care of the property? How do you screen tenants?

  • We do extensive criminal and credit background checks, we find that if a tenant that has a good credit history normally takes care of the property. We also get in touch with previous landlords to assure that there is no negative background that a credit report does not show.